Nursing & Healthcare

Nursing & Healthcare

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Nursing at WITT

Becoming a nurse will be one of the most challenging and rewarding choices you’ll ever make. A career in nursing means that no two days will be the same; you will meet new people every day and work closely with other health professionals; and there are many opportunities to change career direction. It’s an exciting career that takes intelligence, courage and compassion.

The Bachelor of Nursing is a highly-respected degree and WITT’s graduate outcomes are excellent. With clinical skills learning facilities both at WITT and at the Taranaki Base Hospital, you will learn in a range of clinical skills. Clinical practice also involves working alongside registered and experienced nurses and lectures in a variety of health-related settings.

 Students further develop their professional profile with theoretical learning in WITT's Nursing Hub; including a room set out as a hospital ward, the Science Lab and access to the latest online technology.

Health Assistance 

Demand has grown for skilled health assistants in the aged care and health sectors. This 21-week programme teach the skills and knowledge necessary to gain employment within the healthcare sector.