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Nursing & Healthcare

Nursing & Healthcare


With the world population living longer and needing more care, the healthcare field is one of the best places to have a career. Nurses, in particular, are in high demand throughout the world, and the situation is likely to stay that way for many years to come. Health assistants, working in the aged care sector, are also in demand.

It’s not just the job market that makes nursing or health assistance good careers choices. In this field you have the opportunity to save and improve lives, to teach people how to achieve better health, and to advocate for patients to ensure they have the best healthcare.

Not many jobs are as flexible as nursing. You can work where and when you want. You can work full time, part time or not at all while you raise your family or further your studies and it’s extremely likely you will find work when you come back to the workforce. As a nurse, you can work in a busy downtown emergency unit, a medical practice, or as a flight nurse transferring patients both nationally and internationally. You can travel to different countries, work alongside surgeons, or provide in-home care for patients.

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Nursing at WITT

Set your sights on a career that truly makes a difference. Becoming a nurse will be one of the most challenging and rewarding choices you’ll ever make. A career in nursing means that no two days will be the same; you will meet new people every day and work closely with other health professionals. It’s an exciting career that takes intelligence, courage and compassion.

Health Assistance 

Job prospects for healthcare assistants are excellent, with high demand for these roles throughout New Zealand.

Our ageing population has created a strong demand as people get older. There are a number of healthcare roles on the New Zealand Government’s long-term skills shortage list, and the Wellbeing Budget initiatives will require additional healthcare professionals.  With a qualification in healthcare, you’ll have opportunities to direct your career in any direction. You could work in aged care, community health, mental health, private or public hospitals, clinics, prisons or schools.

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