Please note that due to ongoing concerns about Covid-19, pōwhiri will take place online via Zoom.

Trimester two online pōwhiri: Monday 25 July at 9.15am

On Monday 25 July, we will start the day with an online pōwhiri at 9.15am. You will view the pōwhiri live online using this Zoom link: https://witt-ac.zoom.us/j/84494430497

Pōwhiri process

When you come to WITT for the first time, you will be welcomed to the WITT whānau with a pōwhiri. If this is your first pōwhiri, you may be wondering how this welcoming ceremony works. Below is a short guide to help you understand and make the most of this experience.

Karanga (call out, summon)

Before the pōwhiri begins, guests and/or new students will gather out the front of Te Piere o Te Rangi - WITT's whare (meeting house). Some of our female staff (your hosts) will perform a karanga which indicates to you (manuhiri) that it’s time to begin.


Women approach first and the men follow until just in front of the whare (meeting house/room). The men then go in front and enter the whare first. Traditionally this was to ensure the safety of the women.

Once inside the whare

You will be greeted with a hongi (traditional greeting) from the host group (tangata whenua). To hongi you touch noses and foreheads. This symbolises a sharing of breath, thoughts and emotions. You will then be directed to take a seat or stand, males sit in the front rows and females behind. This again ensures the safety of the women.

Whaikōrero (speeches)

Once everyone is seated the whaikōrero (formal speeches) will start. There is a pāeke (order of speaking) that is Taranaki protocol. Members of the tangata whenua (hosts) speak first then the manuhiri (visitors) respond in turn.

Kai (food)

Once the whaikōrero has come to a close the tangata whenua invite you to share kai (food). A karakia (prayer) is said to bless the food first before eating.

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