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Engineering is in the blood for WITT scholarship student Nikita Greiner.

The 18-year-old’s grandfather was a locomotive engineer for Kiwi Railways and found inspiration after growing up around him.

“He was my biggest inspiration to want a career in this industry,” she said.

That influenced Nikita to apply for the E2EE Engineering course at WITT in her last year of high school.

The former New Plymouth Girls’ High School student is also one of seven students awarded a School Leaver Scholarship at WITT for 2021.

With a value of $7,500 each, Nikita said it provided her with the confidence, motivation and drive to succeed.

“I am committed to achieve the best possible results, so I can make myself and mum proud, and hopefully it will give others the confidence to take the same journey,” she said.

Nikita said the three-year bachelor’s degree in civil engineering involves hard work, commitment and always putting a consistent amount of time and effort into her studies.

During the course, there are four subjects in each semester, three compulsory classes that both mechanical and civil engineering students take.

“In my first semester I’m taking mechanics, computing and engineering maths. The fourth class differs depending on which specialty you have enrolled into.”

She ‘loves the content’ and reinforced what she wanted to study after high school.

Five months into the degree, she’s relishing the challenge.

“There is nothing easy about engineering. From the early days, problem solving was something I craved during my time at school and wanted a career that could stimulate my mind and challenge my thinking all the time.”

Not only will Nikita finish with a degree, but will also come out with a substantial mix of theoretical and practical skills that will be beneficial in the workplace.

Studying with a mixed diverse group of people ensures she learns so many valuable abilities that she will take with her after finishing the course, she said.

“We receive an amazing amount of support from all he tutors and the engineering department,” she added.

After completing her degree, Nikita hopes to work as a civil engineer in Taranaki to give back to the community.

She also hopes to mentor other students.

“I hope to be an inspiration to young women and men; that if you work hard, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.”

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