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Using a partnership approach and with support from technology, WITT is seeking to better understand the needs of all our learners throughout their learner journey. The desire to respond faster and provide support where needed the most has led to a collaboration with a future-focused technology provider.

WITT and Cenote Solutions, specialist education technology providers, have embarked on an innovative ‘first of its kind in Aotearoa’ project. The focus is on allowing software and data to enhance the student experience with timely and accurate information while reducing the administrative burden.

“The current process works. However, to better meet the needs of our learners and in a way that really connects with them, WITT needed to evolve,” John Snook, Chief Executive of WITT, explained. With Cenote, the system provides a flexible technology-driven solution that allows for early visibility of challenges. “This allows deep conversations to occur, making sure our team can walk beside our learners for the full duration of their journey.” John points out, “If we are to use our resources to best effect, we have to make the best use of data and our great kaimahi (staff) that we have here at WITT.  Student Pulse is going to revolutionise the way we identify, communicate and manage support for learners who will benefit from it the most.”

Student Pulse will be implemented early in 2022, focusing on Māori and Pasifika learners. However, the application’s ability to create and distribute highly personalised ‘engagements’ such as micro-surveys, text messages, emails, and having its own contact management and call centre software means that all learners can be connected when they need or want to be. “It’s about providing support to the right learners, in the right way, at the right time. Student Pulse™ will bring to life the values of WITT and our new karanga of Te Pou Tū, which is our commitment to tautoko ākonga (learners) to transform and be successful in whatever they choose to do”.

Student Pulse™ draws data from existing internal systems at WITT, including information about students’ enrolment, learning activities, and their biographical details. Utilising this information will highlight learners at risk of falling out of education right from their first interaction with WITT, allowing kaimahi to step in with tailored support packages for each learner’s needs.

John observes, “at a time when community colleges are getting nationalised into the Te Pūkenga network, it is even more important that WITT continues to be ever more responsive to the needs of our Taranaki whanau, and the learners that make up that whanau.  This initiative is further confirmation  of WITT demonstrating its commitment to equity, parity and personalised support for all Taranaki students.”

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