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It took more than the help of angels for four WITT art and design alumni to put on their first post-grad exhibition at Wanganui’s Space Studio & Gallery last month (February 2024).

The exhibition, called 444x4, featured the work of Vanessa Erkes, Courtney Bisset-Yandle, Renee Ross-Cranson and Sophie Barron who have all graduated from WITT's New Zealand Diploma in Arts and Design (Level 6) over the last two years.

“The process of putting on an exhibition and creating work was similar to a WITT project but the stakes were higher, in a good way!” says Sophie.

Working as a team the foursome had to work together on all the logistics of putting on a show including naming the exhibition and of course creating the artwork to exhibit.

“Luckily at WITT during level 6 we had the experience of planning and executing our own exhibitions so we all had experience with what was involved in the whole process, which certainly made it easier.”

The exhibition name references the four artists and the triple four is a reference to Angel Numbers – repeating numbers said to have special meaning. The foursome also agreed to a monochromatic blue colour theme to give their exhibition cohesion across their different styles and art mediums.

“The use of a theme was a simple boundary that we all vibed with and could make as simple or complex as we wanted,” she says.

The exhibition was a success on many levels – Vanessa sold some work and the show was the motivation Sophie needed to return to complete her level 7 qualification and earn a degree alongside fellow artist Renee. The four are also excited to exhibit together again sharing both the work and the costs.

“The show ignited passion and opened my eyes to the possibilities and where I can go and what we can make happen working together,” says Sophie.

Proud tutor Mark Raymer says: “This was a huge step for the students as it was validation of what is possible after graduating with a diploma from our programme. For most of them this was the first time they exhibited their work outside of Taranaki.”

To follow the careers of these talented artists follow them (where) and if you are in Auckland in May head along to Printopia.

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