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WITT Te Pūkenga business management ākonga Hannah Bryan and Megan Dodunski will be spending Christmas in China thanks to each winning a Prime Minister's Scholarships for Asia (PMSA). 

The scholarship programme, which runs from 10 December 2023 to 21 January 2024, is a four-week entrepreneurship and innovation course. It includes Chinese language classes, entrepreneurship and innovation site visits and two week-long cultural experience trips to four cities near Jinhua, the base for the scholarship recipients.

The pair first heard about the scholarship opportunities from a study abroad email they received as Te Pūkenga ākonga.

“I thought, if you don’t try you don’t know,” says Hannah about her application.

Hannah has been at WITT Te Pūkenga since July 2022 after years spent travelling and working here and overseas. After COVID-19 disruptions she started a Certificate in Business Administration (Level 3) which led her to the Diploma in Business (Accounting) (Level 5).

“Hannah works hard for her academic success. She overcomes struggles with dyslexia with strategies that she has honed to achieve amazing outcomes. These struggles enhance Hannah’s drive for success, her ability to adapt to new situations and in no way is a disadvantage for her,” says WITT Te Pūkenga Business Tutor Melissa Kinera.

“I got straight As and thought holy smoke I can do learning,” says Hannah after successfully completing her first tertiary qualification. With a greater focus on exam-based testing at Level 5, Hannah will be accessing reader writer support through the on-site accessibility coordinator at WITT. Next, she has her sights set on a Bachelor of Accounting.

Megan’s path to WITT has been more traditional. After leaving school mid-way through her Year 13 year at Stratford High School Megan joined the Diploma in Business (Level 5) with a view to completing a Bachelor of Accounting. She works part time, lives at home and is happily avoiding an unwieldy student loan. She also appreciates the dedication of her tutors and describes the tutors as ‘amazing’.

‘Megan deserves this awesome opportunity. Her academic work is always of a very high standard and demonstrates her ability to see ‘the bigger picture’ so this experience will certainly contribute to her global perspective - invaluable in today’s business environment,’ says WITT Te Pūkenga Business Tutor Phillipa Watt.  

Megan and Hannah are two of 58 ākonga across the motu who applied for the programme.

Dr Jan Lockett-Kay, Director of the Business School adds: “We’re delighted that two of our accounting ākonga have this opportunity to engage with other like-minded scholars on the international stage. Megan and Hannah will return with a vast array of new perspectives on innovation and business entrepreneurship.”

The Prime Minister's Scholarships for Asia (PMSA) and Latin America (PMSLA) are funded by the New Zealand Government and administered by Education New Zealand Manapou ki te Ao (ENZ). Since 2013, the scholarships have enabled more than 2,400 New Zealanders to gain learning experiences in Asia and Latin America. The scholarship, which has been designed specifically for this Te Pūkenga Prime Minister Scholarship group programme, includes fees, flights, visas, insurance, and a contribution towards accommodation and living costs.

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