Fri 7 Jun 2019

Stand-alone courses look toward the future of work

Taranaki employers and community leaders met on campus to hear about the future of work, job training and skills this week, at a Taranaki Chamber of Commerce Business Connections event hosted by WITT.

Presenting to around 70 people from local businesses, WITT chief executive John Snook said that the future of training requires a focus on flexibility for both learners and industry.

“Training will need to be just in time, and bite-sized. It must be delivered in a way that’s in line with the values and preferences of the learner,” he said.

Mr Snook outlined the importance of collaboration between industry, community and WITT as the region’s vocational education provider.   

“It is important we work as a team in Taranaki to ensure what we are providing is best for our people and our businesses.

“We are here to make sure you and your employees get the development opportunities you need. You tell us what you need, and it is our job to provide it.”

Mr Snook was joined on stage by Open Polytechnic New Zealand chief executive Dr Caroline Seelig to talk about the collaborative approach needed for the future of vocational education.

“If we can share information, it will serve our learners much better,” Dr Seelig said.

Mr Snook also announced the launch of WITT’s new stand-alone courses at the Business Connections event; an offering delivered in partnership with Open Polytechnic which enables learners to gain new skills without a significant time commitment by enrolling in an individual course.

“Today marks the launch of our stand-alone courses,” Mr Snook said.

“These courses offer blended learning, where the student is in control of how they wish to receive the learning.

“This is a start toward the future of job training.”

To find out more about WITT’s stand-alone courses, visit: