Tue 27 Jun 2017

Sam's punchlines

Boxer Sam Rapira was a popular drawcard when he spoke at WITT last week.

 The motivational session with Rapira was the second gathering for Maori and Pasifika Trades Training students that day, and by start time there were a lot of empty seats.

MPTT coordinator Sandra Lichtwark acknowledged the low numbers as she introduced Rapira - but it was clear word of his arrival spread quickly, and minutes later the numbers listening had more than doubled.

Rapira implored the student to find their “passion” as he had done with boxing.

He spoke of his “awesome childhood” growing up in Marfell, and acknowledged his former teacher “Mr Foy” – Warwick Foy, Taranaki Futures General Manager who was also present and spoke.

Rapira told the students he was quite “hopeless’’ at sport in school, but had found his niche with boxing, and that motivated him.

“It’s your job to find something you can be passionate about, because if you love something, you’ll do all you need to do to succeed,’’ he said.

Picture: Sam Rapira’s belts were popular with Keenan Taiawa and Danielle Ellison-Wallace.