Tue 17 Apr 2018

Moto Expo Success

A trade expo at WITT this month attracted more than 50 automotive industry leaders.

The APPCO/Repco event showcased some of the latest test equipment. Diagnostic scan/scope meters and wheel balancing equipment caught the eye in particular.

More than 15 other brands and products were on show, including Penrite lubricates, Ryco filters and a range of tooling and equipment.

 “Appco/Repco is a long-standing WITT partner - we host Masterclass training here at WITT through their own training programmes so hosting the expo under our roof was a no-brainer,” automotive tutor Mathew Weel said.

He added it was good for WITT to host the event and have stakeholders get a first-hand look at the facilities where students who could one day be their staff members were learning.

Automotive is a popular career choice in Taranaki and this year WITT has about 25 full time and a similar number of Trades Academy students. The workshop is also used for apprentice night classes and block courses and various other programmes.

Students were given an opportunity to look at the items on display before the expo began.

It has been several years since WITT hosted such an expo, but with a plan to hold such events in Taranaki every two years this could become a regular event.