Fri 9 Nov 2018

Lecture series

The “Flipped Classroom” will be the topic of discussion at the next WITT lunchtime lecture, part of the Ngā Ara Rangahau/Research Seminars on November 12.

The lecture in the WITT boardroom, which is open to the public,  will be presented by Helen LeLean, a Master of Education graduate from Waikato University and a Senior Lecturer in the Bachelor of Nursing at WITT.

The Ministry of Education website, explains that in the traditional classroom, the teacher delivers new learning to the students face-to-face. Students listen, interact, take notes, and consolidate new knowledge during homework or follow up tasks.

In the flipped classroom, students do basic learning before working with the teacher and then cover the applied learning and any problems in class.

The process is designed to reduce passive learning in class and increase the amount of active and personalised learning.  Students access a teacher-created website and/or watch teacher-created/sourced videos on their devices. They are able to stop and rewind the information as often as they need until they understand the concept.

Helen LeLean will discuss what the flipped classroom looks like in tertiary education and the relationship between the flipped classroom pedagogy of learning, and the impact this has both on students learning and performance in terms of retention of knowledge, clinical abilities and satisfaction.

Her Masters' studies focused on the flipped classroom within tertiary education and the effect this type of learning has on students’ learning and performance.


·         If you would like to attend this seminar, email or phone 027 563 7875