Thu 1 Mar 2018

From Nepal to WITT

Pokhara is a city of more than 250,000 people in central Nepal and considered to be the country’s tourism capital.

Almost 25 young men from the city have converged on Taranaki in the last week – and many have a vision of returning home in 2020 to be part of that tourism trade.

Most are studying for a Diploma in Professional Cookery under the watch of tutors at WITT and have spent this week getting used to unfamiliar surroundings and looking for accommodation.

A total of 19 students from Nepal arrived in February to join seven who were enrolled last year for a Diploma in Professional Cookery. A further four are enrolled in New Plymouth in a Business Graduate Diploma course and 11 more in Hamilton at the New Zealand Institute of Highway Technology (NZIHT)

The group has been struck by the friendliness of the Taranaki people, caught by surprise by the temperatures – they expected it to be a lot warmer – intrigued by New Plymouth’s water crisis and, at the time of speaking to WITT News, frustrated in their search for spices.

They have also been surprised at how late the sun sets – and was this week as part of their welcome to WITT introduced to the concept of Daylight Saving, which ends on April 1, and has never been used in Nepal.

Sabin Raj Bastola, says the group is looking forward to having a good experience in New Zealand.

Most have never ventured outside Nepal, none have watched a game of rugby – but New Plymouth football and cricket clubs might find some rich pickings among the 18 to 28-year-olds who declare a love of playing.

They will be taking a keen interest in the fortunes of Nepal in the ICC Cricket World Cup qualifier tournament to start in Zimbabwe on Sunday.

International Liaison Officer Robyn Harvey was surprised to see how many students planned to return home to work when their course ends – many who take the course see it as an opportunity to work away from home.

One reason? Their city boasts more than 300 hotels.


Photo: International students from Nepal have been introduced to the WITT kitchens this week.