Conflict Management Skills

Conflict Management Skills

The more people have to depend on each other to achieve results under pressure, the greater the chance of conflict.

Given the complex working relationships in and between most organisations today, there is ample opportunity for conflicts, big and small, to arise. Conflicts can show up as minor disagreements or heated debates. However they present themselves, if you mishandle conflict situations you can damage work relationships reduce your personal energy and focus and cause productivity to plummet. 

People and organisations can greatly benefit from learning to handle conflicts skillfully and confidently.

This course will help you improve productivity and engagement. It will result in better collaboration and trust throughout teams, clients, contractors and the wider organisation. 

Gain effective skills to support better communications, projects and improve your working relationships.

Who should attend

  • Engineers, contractors, supervisors, team leaders, managers, aspiring leaders 
  • Any person who wants to improve their personal effectiveness as a manager and communicate better, with less interpersonal conflict.

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