WITT Graduation Ceremony

Friday 28 February 2020, TSB Showplace 5:30pm


Live stream 

The ceremony was streamed and accessed via the live stream button below:




Photos from the ceremony are available to download HERE.



Frequently asked questions

Before the ceremony:

Where can I get tickets for my guests?
All students are eligible for two free guest tickets which will be posted to them three weeks before the ceremony. Because the ceremony is so popular, additional tickets are not made available until mid February to ensure that all students get the opportunity to bring at least two guests. Live streaming is also available for guests who are unable to attend the formal ceremony.   

What happens at the parade?
All students that want to participate in the parade will start inside the TSB Showplace and be directed into lines as per your academic department. The students will follow the academic staff members and leave the Showplace on King Street at 4.30pm. The parade will travel along King Street (towards Centre City), Ariki Street, Currie Street and Devon Street before returning to the main entrance of the TSB Showplace.

Can my guests bring babies and children?
Yes, guests can bring children, however, please be aware that the ceremony will take over two hours and can be a long time for children to sit still.

If you have not paid all outstanding debts (eg: Library fines, fees etc), you will not receive your certificate, instead, you will receive an empty envelope on stage. Once all your fees have been paid you will receive your certificate in the mail. 

At Graduation:

When should I arrive?
All graduands should arrive two hours before the ceremony.
IMPORTANT: All students need to sign in with the department administrator otherwise your name will not be called on stage. 

Where can I park?
There are various parks around the TSB Showplace, be mindful that it can take awhile to find a park and it might be 5-10 minute walk from the venue. Some carparks in town are metered until 5pm, make sure you put money in the machine to avoid getting a ticket. 

What should I wear?
Graduation is a formal event, we expect everyone to dress to a smart and tidy standard.

All students are required to wear an academic gown and a stole or hood in the institutions colours. Gowns will be ordered for you once you register and you will be informed of times when you can collect the gown. NOTE: Gown costs apply.

Where will I be sitting?
After signing in, students will be directed into class lines then will get seated into the showplace. Do not swap seats as this is the order the names will be called on stage.

Where will my guests sit?
Your guests will be seated in either the stalls, circle or gallery. They are based on a 'first in, first served' basis. Please note that entry is by ticket only.

What happens during the ceremony?

  • Students and visitors stand as academic staff enter the auditorium. Everyone remains standing during the karakia and the singing of the national anthem.
  • Shortly before the presentation of your award ushers will guide you from your seats around the back of the auditorium to line up on the side of the stage.
  • When your name is called, cross the stage towards the announcer who will hand you your graduation documents and shake your hand as your photo is taken.
  • Move to the far side of the stage to wait for your fellow classmates to receive their graduation documents
  • When prompted, leave the stage as directed by the usher and return to your seat

DO NOT leave the showplace during the ceremony as this is disruptive and disrespectful to fellow students and guests.

  • At the end of the ceremony, staff on stage file off stage and form a guard of honour for you to walk through as you leave the auditorium. Guests are expected to remain in their seats.
  • Graduates proceed out of the auditorium.
  • Guests leave last. Ushers are on hand to help where needed.

The ceremony should last no longer than two and a half hours. 

You and your guests will receive a graduation booklet outlining the order of ceremony, and listing the names of the graduates.

Again, as this is a formal occasion, and as a show of respect for everyone at the event, students and guests are expected to REMAIN SEATED until the end of the ceremony.

Please ensure all mobile phones are turned off before entering the showplace.

Is there any help for people with disabilities?
If you or any of your guests have a disability and require special assistance please contact the TSB Showplace.

Can I or my guests take photos during the ceremony?
There are no problems with people taking photos of video during the ceremony. 

Can I take something to drink into the showplace?
You can take a water bottle into the showplace with you but no other food or drink is allowed.  

What happens if I show up late for graduation?
Ceremonies start promptly. If you do not sign in on time with your department administrator your name will not be called during the ceremony and you will not be able to walk across the stage or be seated with your classmates.