Course Timetables

Welcome to your course timetable resource. This page enables you to view dates, times and locations for your courses to help you find out where you need to be and when.

Please be aware that changes to timetables are updated on a regular basis and it is therefore important to check your timetable frequently.

It is advisable that you check your timetable on a week to week basis as this is more user-friendly if your classes are in different locations or if you have a change of tutor. 

  • Click HERE for instructions on how to use the timetable system.

There are different ways of accessing your timetable:

  • by programme
  • by module/course
  • by staff member

There are different ways of viewing your timetable

  • by semester
  • by term
  • by week

Click on the below link to access your course timetable:

Not all 2019 timetables have been finalised.  These will be available online at the end of January 2019.  Alternatively, contact your department to see if they have a draft timetable during now and the end of January.

If you have any queries please contact the department or email

At the time of publication, the information in this timetable was deemed to be correct. Please note that WITT reserves the right to change this information without prior notice.