Research Policy

To support a research culture by:

  • Articulating the research environment
  • Providing structures and processes around research activity funding and grants
  • Providing structures and processes around peer-review processes of research activity
  • Ensuring robust processes for ethical considerations
  • Considering cultural implications of the Treaty of Waitangi and research with Māori
  • Articulating student research guidelines

Research Community of Practice

An institute Research Community of Practice (CoP) has been established to develop and support research and scholarly activity across the Schools.  Participating in the Research CoP also offers a useful professional development opportunity for emerging academic researchers. The terms of reference include:

  • Providing quality assurance for the development of staff and student research proposals prior to School approval
  • Discussing any issues and challenges identified by members.
  • Providing a system of ongoing peer support for individuals throughout the research process
  • Supporting and encouraging the development and extension of research skills
  • Keeping abreast of, and participating in leading best practice
  • Identifying potential areas for research and development
  • Mentoring to build capability of less experienced practitioners
  • Providing a mutual support network for solo practitioners 

Research Events 

Events aimed at increasing awareness of research activities at WITT and to provide opportunities to showcase research at WITT are held regulary. Watch this space for information on upcoming events. 

Research Outputs

Research outputs and scholarly activity undertaken by WITT staff are compiled each year as a record of research undertaken at WITT. Click on the following links to view research undertaken in recent years.

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