Thu 7 Dec 2017

Schools visit

The boys tested out the lipsticks and the girls were able to change a tyre.

There were no boundaries when Year 10 students made an end of year “taster day” visit to WITT this week.

On Tuesday they came from Sacred Heart College and on Wednesday it was Spotswood College’s turn. The students were given a flavour of what it is like to study at WITT, where many of them are likely to go.

Heavenlee Edwards, from Spotswood College, has an interest in nursing and business and is planning to spend time at WITT in 2018 earning credits through the STAR youth programme.

WITT News caught up with a group of Spotswood students in Kirsty Ryan’s class where their hair braiding and lip makeup skills were put to the test. A quick visual check confirmed the girls were somewhat more adept at the latter.

Kirsty said nine groups had gone through by noon Wednesday, including six from Sacred Heart, and had a lot of fun.

Nicola Conley, WITT’s executive director People, Culture and Students, said the Taster Days are worthwhile because students get to experience the wide range of subjects available at WITT.

Her own daughter Anna was among the Sacred Heart students to visit on Tuesday and declared herself most pleased with the visit to the trades section where she was able to change a tyre.

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