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Cenote Solutions, provider of the innovative student software 'Pulse' adopted by WITT Te Pūkenga in 2021, has taken home a national award in Australia. Cenote Solutions was awarded Top Education Tech Solutions Provider in Australia 2022 by APAC Cio Outlook.

"We're very pleased for Mark [from Cenote Solutions] to win a national award, and we're excited about what this means for WITT as the only education provider in New Zealand that uses this software," says Zanetta Hinton, Executive Director Student Success.

Zanetta leads the use of Student Pulse for WITT and refers to it as a 'technology solution' instead of just software.

“With Student Pulse we now have the ability to draw data from our various systems to a one-stop-shop, providing dashboards with drill-down function, allowing us to be timely and proactive in our response. Student Pulse for example enables us to identify those who fail an assignment so we can target learners and support ensuring we are getting the right support, to the right people, at the right time," she says. 

"Student Pulse also allows us to have a two-way conversation with our learners. We have mapped the student journey and identified the various critical times in the learner journey and targeted our engagement at these crucial times."

Previously WITT had to rely on institute-wide surveys at specific points in the year to gather this information.

"We have been able to move away from institute-wide surveys to more personalised interactions at various points in the student journey, responding to their enquiry in a timely way," Zanetta says.

"It is exciting and truly transformational in that it changes how our staff work and interact with learners and how our learners interact with us."

WITT Te Pūkenga is committed to learner success and through Student Pulse we are now better equipped to achieve that.

As one of the 16 polytechnics and nine industry training organisations in the Te Pūkenga network, WITT is hoping to see other organisations use this system.

"WITT has always known what we had to do. Identify our most vulnerable learners, build early relationships, foster a sense of belonging and intervene early. With Pulse we can now do this and I hope we can share this capability with the rest of the Te Pūkenga network."

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