Thu 6 Sep 2018

Students get real

WITT tutors are delighted with the new look simulation room on the New Plymouth campus.

The newly created and fitted treatment area replicates a hospital treatment room.

Tutor Helen LeLean said studying in the simulation room was an ideal grounding for students who would be getting the first-hand experience through the Taranaki District Health Board this semester.

“Before the refurbishment, we used to get out all the equipment for them because we didn't have a dedicated area like this for them to use. This new area gets them practising what it would be like in clinical practice - so they have to find all the equipment themselves and then draw up their medication before they go and give it to the manikins/patient in the ward area,” she said.

“It’s a great facility and the students are already much more proficient in this skill this year as a result of this dedicated area.”

When the WITT News camera visited, students were learning about the practice of intravenous drug and fluid therapy and putting theory into practice.

Before the $100,000 revamps the centre had some dated hospital beds but it was not ideally designed and storage was a significant problem.

It now boasts an updated bathroom, storage area, half a dozen beds, blood pressure machines, a hoist, injection equipment, simulated medication, patient notes and dressing equipment. Computers also simulate medical administration.

More than 140 nursing students are studying at WITT this year.


Pictured: Rebecca Gibson, a Year 2 Nursing Student, pictured in the simulation room.