Thu 5 Jul 2018

Students Inspired

It’s almost end of term and WITT this week was home to a class of highly inspired students after they came to Te Piere to hear New Plymouth based artist and speaker Paul Rangiwahia.

Paul accepted an invitation from tutor Shelley Kelsen-Macdonald to speak at WITT and share his vision, inspiration and journey as a motivational speaker.

The journey started when Paul, at 42, found himself bankrupt and stressed in 2014. Today he says he has never been better – “in fact, I can't remember in the last four years ever being unhappy,” he writes on his website.

He says major changes came when he started to face and then let go of “the self-imposed anchors I had placed on myself, like worrying about what others thought of me, not forgiving past wrongs, letting my ego influence my thinking and trying to suppress my inner calling.”

Paul then went on to create a “mental warrant of fitness” and says it resulted in doors opening for him.

The day of his visit to WITT was significant for Shelley as it was the anniversary of her first day in employment as a postgraduate beauty therapist. Inspired by this, the day had a very Fourth of July flavour as it was American Independence Day.

“I never need encouragement when it comes to having fun with my class, so as a group we decided to wear red lipstick and to accessorise ourselves in red, white and blue given the date, and to celebrate the last day of term”

My whanaungatanga with Paul is through growing up in South Taranaki and attending the same school as Paul. I was thrilled when Paul agreed to come and share his experiences with our students to celebrate the end of the term and to inspire them on their continuing journey throughout 2018.

Shelley plans another professional development day at WITT during the term break.

Here’s a sample of the comment’s this week from students…

“It helped me feel that I need to be more open with taking risks in whatever I’m doing.”

“He gave amazing messages – would love to have another session like that.”

“Helped to put everything into perspective – helped feel like you are not the only one.”

 “I forget everyone is the same and all going through something.”

“Opened our eyes and minds on what is important to focus on and what to let go.”

“The advice and tips motivated me in not only in my studies but also in my personal life.”

 “His story inspired me to follow things in life I’m passionate about and to not force doors to open, rather be patient, follow my heart and if it’s meant to be, then it will be.”