Wed 23 May 2018

From India with love

They travelled all the way from India to find love at Witt – and last week they celebrated their engagement and then graduated.

Bibin Kalathil and Crystal Saldanha met while they were studying for a Diploma in Professional Cookery in October 2016.

Crystal is from Mumbai and Bibin from Kerala.

Last week they held an engagement ceremony in St Joseph’s Church, New Plymouth, followed by a lunch for 150 people. 

And for their graduation at the TSB Showplace, the newly engaged couple had plenty of family support – parents and aunts and uncles travelled from India to celebrate with them.

The couple says they plan to stay on in New Plymouth where they both have full-time work in hospitality.  Crystal works at Cobb & Co and Bibin is at Kathakali Restaurant, but will soon be working at the new restaurant Arranged Marriage.

The wedding itself will be in Kerala – and the December invitation list is not small – there will be 1000 guests.


Pictured from left on graduation day were Crystal’s aunts, Daisy D’souza and Mecna Kumar, Bibin’s parents  Mini Antony and Antony Kalathil, Bibin and Crystal, Crystal’s mother  Rose Saldanha and aunt and uncle Leena Tauro and William Tauro.