Orientation is our welcome to new and returning students. It gives you an opportunity to get your study year sorted and off to a good start. It's also a great way to meet other students, your tutors and support staff - all before you begin your journey with WITT.

MONDAY 25 FEBRUARY - New Plymouth

On the first day, you will get to explore the campus and get to know your tutors, support staff and classmates.

08:45am Assemble outside F Block (Check out the campus map)
09:00am Pōwhiri, F Block.
10:00am Head to your first class
12:00pm Lunchtime activities, giveaways and food.
01:00pm As per your class timetable.


On the first day, you will get to explore the campus and get to know your tutors, support staff and classmates.

9:00am Pōwhiri
10:00am Head to your first class
12:00pm Lunchtime activities and giveaways
1:00pm Hometime.

WEDNESDAY 27 FEBRUARY - Market Day, New Plymouth

The market day is a great opportunity to get familiar with useful businesses and services from our community including student discounts at restaurants, movies and gyms.

12:00pm Information stalls
1:00pm As per your class timetable.


You don't need to bring much on the first day, but make sure you have pen and paper with you. The tutors will be able to let you know any other stationary requirements when you get to class on the first day. There will be some light refreshments available after the Pōwhiri and cafeteria will be open all day if you want to purchase any food. 


Make sure you know where and when your classes are, click here to find out your class timetable. If there are no classes scheduled on Monday's it is important that you still come to Orientation if you are a new student.


What happens during the first week
Students will be formally welcomed on the Monday by a powhiri and then go to your class where you will do a number of induction activities including a campus tour, getting a student ID card and logon, meet your classmates and start formal classes. 

How many students are at WITT
WITT has around 4000 students in total but maybe only ever around 1000 on campus at any one time.

Is there a cost for parking

How long is one semester
17 weeks

What do I need on my first day
Pen, paper.  We have free food on Monday (New Plymouth) and Tuesday (Hawera) but otherwise also bring your lunch or money to buy some.  Water stations are located in multiple places around both campuses, so bring a water bottle to refill as well.

I have ordered textbooks and haven't got them yet, what do I do
Talk to your tutor or ask another student to share with you until your textbook arrives

How do I get an ID
ID cards are issued by library staff, to enrolled students.

When do we get our ID
Your tutor would have booked you for a session during your first week in class. ID cards can be
issued to one week prior to course start, for those students who need to catch the bus

Am I going to be disadvantaged not having course books week one
No. The library course reserve section has a copy of all student textbooks.

What happens if we have appointments booked on course day
Inform your tutor

Who do I talk to about Studylink
Studylink will only respond to online requests. www.studylink.co.nz

When are course fees due
Usually, within two weeks of course start but if you are paying by Studylink then there may be a delay.

Do we get a student handbook?
An electronic version of the student handbook will be available on the intranet (iWITT).

Where do we get our books from
Student textbook lists are included in your enrolment packs. If you didn’t receive one contact your department or tutor.

Stationery Lists?
Most classes require only a pen and paper. Course equipment, if any, is issued to students in their first week in class.

If we have a personal problem, who can we go to?
Make a booking with Margaret, the student counsellor

Who do we ask if we get lost on campus?
Any staff member or fellow student. We are all only too willing to help. But if you want a contact person call into the
staff at the Learning Resource Centre or Te Puna Manaaki health and wellness centre.

Bus timetables?
Paper copies are available in the cafeteria or are online at www.taranakibus.info.

What times does WITT open

What times does the library open

How long is the library open
Mon-Thu 8am - 5:30pm
Fri 8am - 4pm
Sat 9.30am - 12.30pm

When will I know which classroom I am in
Check your class timetable

Where do we get timetables from
You can access the information here for your timetable
If you have any queries contact your department or email timetable@witt.ac.nz

What are the hours of my course
Check your class timetable