Fri 20 Mar 2020

Trades networking at WITT

Trades-based businesses from around the region came together at WITT this week for a Taranaki Chamber of Commerce Network of Trades event.

Held in WITT’s freshly painted automotive workshop, the evening of networking gave WITT a chance to showcase its trades areas, with beautifully presented refreshments showing off the skill in our hospitality department as well.

Kevin Uncles, Acting Director of WITT’s School of Trade Training, Primary & Creative Industries said the Network of Trades was a great opportunity to host industry and local businesses on campus.

“Our local businesses and industry are vital to the way we operate at WITT, and particularly in the trades area,” he said.

“Our good relationships with industry mean we’re producing more work-ready graduates, we’re delivering the workforce Taranaki wants and needs, and our students have a better chance of success getting into employment.”

Kevin shared updates about what’s happening in WITT’s trade areas, expanding on that message to talk about courses that could benefit businesses with staff development.

“A successful company, big or small, needs more than just excellent tradespeople to be successful,” he said. “They need administrators with great customer skills, accountants and project management expertise as well.”

“The Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki is your institute. Use our expertise to assist you with whatever you need to grow and prosper.”