Mon 17 Sep 2018

Time to book in

Having trouble organising yourself, not getting those assignments in on time, procrastination a problem, overwhelmed by the amount of information and not sure where to start?

No problem is too big.  Or too small.

Go and see the Library and Learning Centre teams based in Te Whare Mātauranga (the Learning Resource Centre, L Block).

They will work with you to develop the skills you need to successfully complete your study. 

The library team can work with you to find exactly what you want for your assignment.  Let them know what you want guidance with – they love hunting for hard to find information!

There are lots of different resources including books, magazines and journals, e-books, databases with access to 10,000’s of journal titles and info guides to help with your study. 

Email the team on or chat via the library website –

The Learning Centre team will work with you to develop plans for managing your time effectively, develop your writing skills, learn great maths hacks and guide you with your assignment work. 

“We can’t do it for you, but we will work with you,” Team Leader, Library, Librarian Bridget Knuckey says.

Remember to book in to see Barbara or Bridget (the booking sheet is by the exit) or email to make an appointment.  Gary has an open door to work with you on maths problems.

Te Whare Mātauranga is also a great space to relax – bring your lunch, recharge your phones by the beanbags and catch up with friends. There is a microwave to reheat food and hot and cold water (BYO drink container). 


Te Whare Mātauranga is open:

8am-5.30pm Monday to Thursday
8am-4pm Friday
9.30am-12.30pm Saturday