Fri 28 Sep 2018

Students have their say

WITT students have given the institute a pass mark in their annual satisfaction survey.

The survey, which ran from August 27 to September 20, was completed by just shy of 450 students.

Asked six questions about their programme and tutors, 92 to 96% per cent of students rated their experience good or excellent.

The 90-plus percentage satisfaction level mirrors a survey of international students carried out at the end of 2017.

The latest survey threw up some anomalies.

Students who did not believe they were getting value for money included some who were studying fees-free, while there was conflict over the out-of-class activities on offer, with some listing it as a highlight and others complaining there was not enough.

Asked for the one thing they most enjoyed at WITT, the most common response included the support received from tutors and staff, the environment and being treated like an adult.

Asked for one thing they believed would improve WITT, common responses included making Moodle easier and more reliable, providing a greater practical component to courses and more events on campus.

Zanetta Hinton, manager of student support services, said a copy of the survey findings would be presented to Academic Board and the Executive team and published on iWITT for student and staff viewing.

Individual survey data reports will be forwarded to teaching teams and to department managers for noting and action and areas of the survey will also be used to inform and work alongside other projects of importance to the institute.

She said a report on the Institute’s response to student feedback would be published on iWITT later in the year.