Wed 26 Sep 2018

Making it add up

Wendy Bryant has to be something of a forensic expert to help WITT students with their budgeting.

Each Thursday she is available at WITT for two and a half hours to offer advice in drawing up their budgets.

It could be a loan repayment or their discretionary spending that trips clients up.

“But until you have all the facts, you can’t come to any conclusions, she says. “As a Budget Mentor, you are like an investigator, looking for the areas where there are problems.”

Wendy can assist in setting up budgets for students.

She is one of half a dozen paid and volunteer staff who offers advice through the New Plymouth Budget Advisory Service and has been doing the work for the best part of five years.

The most important decision on making ends meet, though, usually has to be made before she sees a student.

“You have to realise there is a problem before you can think of making changes,” she says.

The service is designed to educate, help and empower people to plan their spending and be aware of what they can and cannot afford.

Loans such as payday loans or cash advances can easily catch people out.

“There is instant gratification with a loan, but you have to be aware of the impact the loan repayments will have on your budget,” she says.

If you want help with your spending, book an appointment with Wendy through WITT’s Kaitakawaenga Maori & Pasifika, Allana Prestney in Kopa Manaaki, F Block or by email to

Allana said having the service on campus was an asset.

Wendy is at WITT from 11:30 am to 2 pm every Thursday.