Mon 12 Nov 2018

Makeover for WITT

Students have always left their mark on WITT – and in the case of those studying for a Diploma in Creative Technology, in a very visual way.

When tutor Ged Guy took over the year two course last year she initiated a “vibrant campus” project which saw student groups working to a ‘real-time’ brief to show their artists talents.

Last year their canvas venues were Nursing Level 3, the automotive stairwell and the Student Services foyer.

This year they are working to place a mural on the library wall, the registry area and the café balcony.

And another wall in the Student Services area is also getting a makeover.

Jean Morris is flying solo on her project.  She will roll out four decorated skateboards soon to be added to a green and white backdrop.

Jean said her brief was started with a plan to break up the timber tones in the foyer.

She is enjoying the opportunity to think outside the square after spending 10-years working in retail.

“I wanted to embrace a more creative career, and you can only go so far with that in retail,” she said.

Jean, who was raised in Inglewood, is in the final year of her course and says she loves the opportunities and resources provided at WITT – and the tutors.

She is planning to remain at WITT next year by enrolling in a business administration course.

Ged says each team must generate and present designs to WITT managers, create budgets timelines and adhere to Health & Safety protocols.

“The Café Balcony, a large geometric mural, is a significant work, it’s worth a story on its own,” she says.

WITT News will be monitoring the progress.


Pictured: Jean will be adding skateboards to her work on a wall in the Student Services foyer.