Mon 17 Sep 2018

Health First

Dozens of WITT students took advantage of a health expo staged by Year One Nursing Students in the WITT cafe week.

Topics discussed included smoking, alcohol use, healthy eating, skin care, blood sugar and blood pressure, stress management, mindfulness, and sex education.

“Everyone enjoyed all the stalls and topics but it was pretty obvious that the sex education stall was a hit,” tutor Gemma Alberto said.

Students were encouraged to talk to nursing students at different stations around Te Piere.

They had the options of the sleep station – with tips on getting a decent rest – Action Potentially – a station with tips on how to prepare and be safe on a big night out – Sexual Health, with the suggestion that you should “wrap before you tap” and Unqualified Op-inions, which offered tips on growing food.

The Code Blue station was about being sun smart, Team Sheldon looked at the benefits of keeping the mind active through activities and games, while Electrodz was the place to have blood tests.