Mon 12 Nov 2018

Good taste

There’s been a notable change in the offering at WITT’s café this year – and more to come.

Richard Wooffindin, of KDJ Catering, and his team have overhauled the menu and are continually looking at refinements to suit students.

Richard says staff also take other considerations into account – “it’s better to have food that is easy to carry around rather than a big hot savoury dish,” he says.

“We set out to freshen up things this year, and every couple of months will go back and see what more we can do.”

That has resulted in fresh salads and rice paper rolls occupying more space on the shelves for students.

Some of the changes were easy to make – items which were not popular were pulled, but the challenge was to replace them with food which would be popular – such as Paninis.

“We are pleased with the feedback from students – but are always open to suggestions,” Richard said.

“What we are trying to do is provide a wide range of simple, affordable food.”

The changes appear to have been well received.

Students have responded positively to the gluten-free options and say the rice and chicken with mayo is like a Japanese meal.

Much of the food is prepared on site on the day and the team are also introducing regular specials, so keep an eye out when you visit the café.


Pictured: Richard has overseen a revamp of the café’s menu.