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How do I study for free at WITT?

There are many different ways you can study for free at WITT.  Check out the list of free programmes below.  Not sure where to head to next?  You can book a chat with our Careers Advisor to help you plan your next move.  

Free programmes

There are many programmes and courses that are available at WITT for you to study with no cost. These not part of TTAF (see below) but are still available fee free at WITT.

Te Reo Māori

New Zealand Certificate in Te Reo (Rumaki, Reo Rua) (Level 1)
New Zealand Certificate in Te Reo (Rumaki, Reo Rua) (Level 2)


Introduction to Hospitality (Level 2)
New Zealand in Manaaki Marae Te Nihowera, Te Ringawera (Kaupae 3)

Business & Māori Governance

New Zealand Certificate in Māori Governance (Level 4)
New Zealand Certificate in Business (First Line Management) (Level 4)


New Zealand Certificate in Foundation Skills (Level 2)


New Zealand Certificate in Automotive Engineering (Level 3)

Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF)

Targeted Training and Apprenticeships Fund (TTAF; also known as free trades training) is a government initiative that supports learners to undertake vocational education and training for free. The fund covers tuition fees between 1 July 2020 and 31 December 2022 for a targeted range of programmes at certificate and diploma level.

Nursing, Health and Wellness

New Zealand Certificate in Health & Wellbeing (Health Assistant) (Level 3)
New Zealand Certificate in Health & Wellbeing (Social and Community Services) (Level 4) with Strand in Mental Health and Addiction Support

Information Technology 

New Zealand Certificate in Information Technology Essentials (Level 4)
New Zealand Diploma in Information Technology Technical Support (Level 5)

Trades, Construction & Infrastructure

New Zealand Diploma in Construction (Level 6) 
New Zealand Certificate in Construction Trade Skills (Carpentry) (Level 3)
New Zealand Certificate in Carpentry (Trade) (Level 4)
New Zealand Certificate in Infrastructure Works (Level 3)
New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Engineering Theory (Level 3)
New Zealand Certificate in Plumbing, Gasfitting and Drainlaying (Level 3)
New Zealand Certificate in Mechanical Engineering (Level 3)

Primary Industries

New Zealand Certificate in Agriculture (Farming Systems) (Level 3) 
New Zealand Certificate in Pest Operations (Rural Pest Control) (Level 3) 
New Zealand Certificate in Horticulture (Level 3)
New Zealand Certificate in Forestry Harvesting Operations (Level 3)
New Zealand Certificate in Agriculture with Strand in Dairy Farming (Level 4)

Engineering & Energy

New Zealand Diploma in Engineering - Civil (Level 6)
New Zealand Diploma in Engineering - Mechanical (Level 6)
New Zealand Certificate in Energy Process Operations (Level 3)
New Zealand Diploma in Engineering (Civil) (Level 6) (block course delivery) 

Find out more on the TEC website.

Government Fees-Free study for first-time tertiary students

Are you eligible?

To find out if you are eligible visit the Fees Free website.

In general full-time students, apprentices and trainees will qualify if they are:

  • are allowed to work and live in New Zealand permanently, or are an Australian or New Zealand resident who has lived here for at least three years; and
  • are not enrolled in school when their qualification starts, and either:
    -have been enrolled at a school in 2017, 2018 or 2019, or
    -have not undertaken previous study or training of more than 60 credits at Level 3 or above at a tertiary institution (except while at school), and
  • are enrolled in an eligible qualification

What is an eligible course?

Eligible qualifications are courses that:

  • are at Level 3 or above
  • for industry training only, are worth at least 120 credits
  • the fees-free policy for apprentices and industry trainees covers eligible programmes for up to two years. You can begin training anytime in the year and you will be eligible for your next 24 months fees-free.

What does ‘Fees-free’ cover?

  • tuition fees
  • compulsory course costs, and
  • compulsory student services fees

There are however some other fees that are not part of ‘fees-free’ such as optional and occasional fees such as some course materials, and late fees which students will still need to pay.

When to Apply?

You should apply for your programme and to Study Link (if applicable) as soon as possible, and supply any supporting documents promptly. 

Already enrolled but getting statements? 

Already enrolled?  Thought you were eligible for Fees Free but you are getting monthly statements from WITT showing your tuition fees are outstanding?  Then please go to the Fees Free website to check your eligibility and then give us a call to let us know of your eligibility on 0800 WITT NZ (0800 84 88 69).

Any questions?

Call us on 0800 948 869 or email and we'll do what we can to help.