International Student Success Stories

Chiara Rancho - Davao, Philippines

Bachelor of Nursing

Time in New Zealand has taught Chiara Rancho to appreciate being independent, and the importance of hard work. In March she commenced a three year bachelor degree in nursing at WITT.

She says the course teaches students to grow professionally and personally. Chiara came to New Zealand from the Philippines. Her home is Davao City.

She studies at WITT because “it is an amazing institution”. Her plans are to complete her degree, work in New Zealand and possibly study for a post graduate degree. Like most international students, she is impressed by Taranaki.

“It is a beautiful place full of wonder and simplicity. I’ve resided here for three years now and I have cherished every single day.” She appreciates the range of beaches and tourist destinations – and the cost of living.

Chiara enjoys cooking, reading books and watching movies “with really good story lines” and she enjoys music – “which is why I like musical plays”.


Mariana Horigome Tatsumi 

Graduate Diploma in Project Management

“I had an amazing experience at WITT, very challenging, but at the same time highly rewarding.

I engaged in a new field of study to complement my skills in project management and from that I have gained knowledge and practical experience. It gave me the opportunity and support to face the challenges of my first New Zealand job.

Besides studies, it was a great environment to meet new friends and have a sense of community.



Pratik Bhavsar

Graduate Diploma in Project Management

“One of my friends suggested WITT and its Graduate Diploma in Project Management. I searched for it on the internet and found it was the perfect combination of what I was looking for as it included subjects like supply chain and operations management.” 

Pratik gained employment after his course at Eltham based Carac Group, where he also completed his final intensive project internship.





Acquino Dsilva 

Diploma in Professional Cookery

"I am fond of food and also we have a family catering business back in India. I was always interested and curious in knowing about western cuisines so I choose New Zealand, as it has multi-cultural society and restaurants.

I specifically choose WITT because the reviews were quite positive about the faculties here and I also liked the kitchen, it was huge compare to any kitchen I had seen so far.

My experience here has been quite good so far. The tutors are experienced and are approachable. The knowledge provided is also hands-on. And the management is very friendly and supportive."



Goonjan Gupta 

Diploma in Professional Cookery

"I came to WITT in 2008 to study Diploma in Professional Cookery, after completing my degree in hotel management from India. I wanted to experience a new culture and WITT offered the perfect platform to do so.

After completing my diploma, I worked in various restaurants around New Zealand. An opportunity to teach at WITT came up in 2015 and I haven’t looked back since. I enjoy being able to give back and see students flourish and push their boundaries.

I currently teach Level 5 Diploma in Professional Cookery where we work on 5 projects through the year where students explore food trends, local produce and learn to manage and run a kitchen efficiently. I enjoy being in class sharing experiences, skills and knowledge and learning from the students at the same time." Like they say “there is never a dull day in hospitality”

John Thomas 

New Zealand Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical)

John Thomas arrived at WITT from Kerala in the south of India to study the New Zealand Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical), a level 6 qualification. Since April 2018 he has been employed full-time at Carac Engineering in Taranaki.

“I got the job while I was studying in my last semester at WITT.” John learned about WITT from his agent and is particularly impressed with the comparatively low tuition fees and the fact cross credits are available. The keen nature lover and gardener enjoys New Zealand and wants to obtain permanent residency and settle with his family.

“Back in my place people call New Zealand paradise on earth. It’s a wonderful country with lots of greenery and the people are very friendly,” he said.


Thabitha Joby - Kerala, India

Bachelor of Nursing

Thabitha Joby came from Idduki district in southern India to WITT to commence a three year Bachelor of Nursing course in February.

She is already impressed by Taranaki as a destination “like no other” which is quite impressive, since her own home province is a major tourism destination and her state, Kerala, is also known as “God’s Own Country.”

Thabitha’s home city is Thodupuzha, a community of just over 50,000 people. She came to WITT after the Institute was recommended to her and is pleased with her choice.

“I am proud of choosing New Zealand as the people and friendly and welcoming, the country has awesome weather, an amazing education system and good work opportunities.”

Thabitha lists her interests as painting, craft work, photography, dancing, cycling, volleyball and badminton. She says she is looking forward to serving the needy – and staying in New Zealand to further her education.


Parteek Malik - India

Graduate Diploma in Engineering (Highways) Level 7

Parteek is employed as a Transportation Design Engineer at WSP-Opus in Tauranga.

“I would recommend WITT to those who are serious about their future and working towards becoming a professional.  This institution doesn’t just teach you an education — it also teaches ethics to obey and also to understand and respect  the principles of indigenous people.”

“New Zealand is a wonderful place to make friends, just talk to people, blend in and respect all cultures. Nobody will consider you any different. It is an amazing place to start a new chapter of your life.”


Jakir Hussain - Nepal

Graduate Diploma in Engineering (Highways) Level 7

In late 2015 Jakir met a New Zealand representative in Kathmandu, who told him, “about the high quality education system, the people, culture, opportunities and the way I could enhance my career and get a better and secure future in New Zealand,” he recalled. He says the presentation touched his heart and convinced him  New Zealand was the right choice. “The best tutors to guide you through and the support staff team is always ready 24-7 to support and help”. Jakir is now employed in Upper Hutt City working for the City Council as Roading Engineer-Operations in the Asset Management and Operations Department.

He is driven to succeed and aims to be a leader in his field and believes he has been given a head-start through studying at WITT’s engineering arm, NZIHT. “WITT is one of the best learning centres in New Zealand,” he says.

“One thing I would like to say about WITT is you feel like you are at home even away from home because of the love, care and support from the staff and team members.” Jakir has been part of a growing Nepalese community at WITT and believes many more Nepalese students would enjoy studying here.


Karolina Ferbei - Russia

Graduate Diploma in Engineering (Highways) Level 7

Karolina is employed at Beca Consultancy, pursuing her career in engineering.

Karolina, who was born in Kazakhstan and moved to Russia when she was 10, was positive about her choice of New Zealand. 

“It was a very different experience as Russian education is different. I liked the relaxed atmosphere in class, although it was educational and professional, very well planned. Communication with tutors was easy and support staff were helpful.”

“WITT helped me to integrate to life in a new world, gave useful tips and explained basic rules of the country.”

She found herself in a class full of international students in a similar situation and as a result, she formed new friendships. She said the tutors worked hard to help her gain a full understanding of the subjects.

Overall it was amazing experience, full of joy, challenges and new information,” she said.


Sunny Saini  -  Punjab, India

NZ Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical) Graduate

"I don't like crowded cities. I love peace. Then I found out that Taranaki has been judged the best living place in New Zealand and the best small city in the world," says the 22-year-old. "I always recommend to my friends in my country that they come over here. The staff at WITT are really helpful. It's a good place to live and study, and there are plenty of jobs here."


Jasmine Lai - Hong Kong

Bachelor of Nursing


"I'm finding the course in amazing," says Jasmine, who particularly enjoys the on-the-job training placements at Taranaki Base Hospital. "After 12 years of thinking about it, I had the chance to continue my studies and let my dream of becoming a nurse come true. Taranaki is an amazing place. There are amazing beaches and a great mountain, and I have met some great people."




Christopher Sridhar - Chennai, India

Sous Chef, Cobb & Co. Restaurant. Studied Diploma in Professional Cookery. 

“It was great really, coming here, learning about a new culture,” he says. The best part of studying at Witt, he says, would be his tutor, Joachim Ogden. “He really, really, pushed himself so hard to be able to give us what we required and so it was amazing. I enjoyed going to class. His classes were enjoyable to the point where you always wanted more and more and more and we could ask for it and we’d get it,” he says.