International Student Support

International support staff provide a range of services to international students including; airport pick-ups, accommodation support, pastoral care, cultural and personal support, holiday and leisure planning and translation services.

Learning Resource Centre

Our library and learning support staff provide guidance and support to ensure your academic success. They can assist with getting you organised to study, helping you understand learning in a New Zealand classroom, in carrying out research, accessing databases, assignment writing, note taking, exam preparation, time management, referencing, computing, maths and course related literacy and numeracy. The library houses fully networked computers for students use with a collection of print and electronic resources, magazines and recreational reading materials to support your learning.



The Health Clinic & Counselling Facility

WITT has a fully equipped and staffed health clinic providing a wide range of free health, medical and counselling services for students with an emphasis on health education and health promotion.

Computer Laboratories and Free Wireless Internet Access

Free wireless internet and your own personal email address are available on campus for WITT students. Computer laboratories on campus feature state-of-the-art computers, all fully serviced and updated with the latest programmes.


The large and popular cafeteria has indoor and outdoor eating areas. Vending machines provide a range of hot and cold drinks and snacks are available for night class students.

Garage Cafe & Impressions Restaurant

WITT's own award winning training restaurant and cafe offer high quality food and drinks at great value prices. Come and enjoy a great coffee or meal from the future's best baristas and chefs. 


Code of Practice for the pastoral care of International Students

WITT observes and is bound by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.

When students from other countries come to study in New Zealand, it is important that those students are well informed, safe and properly cared for:

New Zealand educational providers have an important responsibility for international students’ welfare.

The “Code of Practice for Pastoral Care of International Students” (the Code) provides a procedure that students can follow if they have concerns about their treatment by a New Zealand educational provider or agent of a provider.

What is the Code?

The Code is a document which provides a framework for service delivery by educational providers and their agents to international students. The Code sets out the minimum standards of advice and care that are expected of educational providers with respect to international students. The code applies to pastoral care and provision of information only and not to academic standards.


A summary of the Code of Practice for Pastoral Care of International Students

The Code sets standards for educational providers to ensure that:

  • High professional standards are maintained
  • The recruitment of international students is undertaken in an ethical and responsible manner
  • Information supplied to international students is comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date
  • Students are provided with information prior to entering into any commitments
  • Contractual dealings with international students are conducted in an ethical and responsible manner
  • The particular needs of international students are recognised
  • International students under the age of 18 are in safe accommodation
  • All providers have fair and equitable internal procedures for the resolution of international student grievances.

Full details of what is covered can be found in the Code itself.

Click here to access the Code of Practice