Secondary Tertiary Pathways

Secondary Tertiary Pathways

Study Options


WITT offers secondary schools a variety of STAR courses designed for Year 11 students or above. STAR gives students the opportunity to experience a career pathway that can pathway into further studies. Students stay enrolled at school while coming to the WITT campus for 2 - 3 hours per week. 


Studying at WITT for half a day a week (Thursday morning), the Engineering Education 2 Employment (EE2E) programme gives senior students the chance to study the Level 6 Engineering Fundamentals paper which covers core ideas behind both electrical and mechanical engineering and will engage with our strong local community of engineering companies. Students will gain some NCEA Level 3 credits and can cross credit the paper towards the NZDE and gain university entrance to the BEngTech.



Taranaki Trades Academy is the exclusive vehicle that will take Year 11 to 13 students along the Career Highway towards a vocational qualification while still at school. Students can remain engaged in education, be assisted in transition from a secondary to tertiary learning environment, and gain credits towards NCEA Level 2 and a tertiary qualification.  


3+2 is an exciting government initiative designed for Year 13 secondary school students who have completed NCEA Level 2. Students work towards NCEA Level 3 for three days at school and spend the other two days working towards a Level 3 national qualification with a tertiary provider. 

Trades Academy Individual Learning Plans

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