New Zealand Diploma in Tikanga (Waka, Rongoaa, Te Ara Nunumi, Maatauranga Maaori, Maaori Development, Rangahau) (Level 5)

  • TBC
  • Level 5
  • 1 year full-time
    Available in Taranaki region
  • $1544 - Domestic (2018)

Qualification overview

This qualification is for people who want to develop in-depth knowledge of tikanga (plural) within a specialist field founded on a Māori world view. Graduates of this qualification will have a broad range of knowledge and skills to self-manage and contribute to the practice of tikanga within defined contexts.


This programme is delivered in conjunction with Te Reo o Taranaki.

Entry requirements

Applicants will have a high level of proficiency in oral te reo Māori demonstrated by the ability to participate in a full immersion environment to a high level of proficiency as evidenced by interview and/or in consultation with relevant iwi/hapū or organisation(s). This requirement will include the capacity to perform traditional oral protocols and actively participate in rigorous debate/discussion on topical issues that affect Taranaki.

Career Options

Graduates of this qualification may pathway to tourism, hospitality, retail, education, media and horticulture or environment. They may pathway to Māori whānau and communities, local and regional bodies and agencies seeking to broaden their knowledge base in kaupapa Māori principles and practices.

Further study options

Graduates of this qualification may pathway to the following: Te Pōkairua Tikanga (Waka, Rongoā, Te Ara Nunumi, Mātauranga Māori, Māori Development, Rangahau) (Kaupae 6), Te Pōkaitahi Reo (Rumaki) (Kaupae 6), New Zealand Diploma in Business (with strands in Accounting, Administration and Technology, Leadership and Management, and Māori Business and Management) (Level 6), Rūmakihia te Taiao (Kaupae 6), Manu Taiko – Hokā Rangi – New Zealand Diploma in Māori Governance (Level 6).