New Zealand Certificate in Manaaki Marae Te Nihowera, Te Ringawera (Kaupae 3)

  • 26 July 2021 (Hawera)
  • Level 3
  • 1 semester full-time
    Monday - Wednesday 9am - 3pm + 2 noho weekends at the marae
  • Fee Free - Domestic student (2021)

Qualification overview

This programme is designed to provide recognition for kaimahi (food worker) and ringawera (marae catering) on the marae. This qualification recognises the competence, knowledge, and skills required for cooking routine food dishes in wharekai. Ringawera will be able to demonstrate a range of basic cookery, preparation and serving techniques in a wharekai, in accordance with the application of tikanga on marae.

Classes consist of some weekday sessions held at WITT and at Wai O Turi marae, as well as noho weekends at Wai O Turi marae during the semester. Classes and noho weekends will be notified in the timetable once set.  



Entry requirements

  • Open entry

Career Options

Function Chef, Kitchen Assistant, entry position with the hospitality industry or contribute to Marae kitchen management.