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Hair & Beauty

Hair & Beauty


There is an increasing trend for people to be aware of their personal presentation, the importance of personal grooming and the value of skin and body treatments for health and stress relief. The hair and beauty industries are dynamic and constantly changing.

WITT qualifications are designed to get you “work-ready”, and you will train in a fully equipped salon and clinic with real clients. WITT’s connections with local industry ensure that you will have a strong network of contacts before you enter the workforce, and that you will receive all the guidance you need to succeed.

Study Options

Beauty Therapy

By providing facial and body care treatments, a beauty therapist’s role can be both creative and rewarding. At WITT, you’ll learn about beauty from head to toe. Students learn the latest practices and gain lots of hands-on experience at WITT’s campus salon, Industrie.

The beauty industry is expanding as people become more aware of the need to look after their health and wellbeing and as a result, the demand for beauty therapists and their services is increasing. Beauty therapists might be self-employed or work in salons, pharmacies, clinics, hotels, and even cruise ships.


A career in hairdressing is a great way to express your creativity and make people feel great at the same time. For experienced hairdressers and barbers, it may also lead to becoming self-employed or running your own salon or business.

In this ever-evolving industry, you’ll always be learning something new. Embrace the dynamic and exciting work environment and challenge yourself to stay up to date as seasons and trends change. Hairdressers commonly work in salons, on cruise ships, and in the film, television and fashion industries. WITT’s certificate in hairdressing provides a year of training towards an apprenticeship.

Make-up Artistry

With a qualification in makeup and skincare from WITT, you could go on to consult at a cosmetic counter or salon, work as a freelancer, or land a role with a television, film or theatre company. Study in a fun and creative environment and get hands-on experience in our campus salon, Industrie.

The makeup and special effects industries are constantly changing as new techniques and technologies become available. Increasing public interest in makeup - partially driven by social media - means there are good job prospects for makeup artists. Demand for makeup artists who have completed special effects training is increasing as more commercials, films and television programmes are being shot in New Zealand.

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