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Hair & Beauty

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Beauty therapists provide facial and body care treatments including massage and electrolysis. The beauty industry is expanding as people become more aware of the need to look after their health and wellbeing. As a result, the demand for Beauty Therapists and their services is increasing.

The outlook for Beauty Therapists is good and the number of people employed in this occupation is expected to increase. Beauty Therapists work in salons, pharmacies, clinics, hotels, on cruise ships and recently some airlines have started offering beauty therapy as part of their first-class service.


Hairdressers cut, colour, style and care for clients’ hair and scalp. In order to become a Hairdresser you will need to complete an apprenticeship (usually three years); WITT’s Certificate in Hairdressing provides two years of training towards an apprenticeship.

The outlook for Hairdressers is good and the number of people employed in this occupation is expected to remain stable or slightly increase over the next two to three years.

Opportunities exist for Hairdressers in salons, cruise ships, in the film, television and fashion industries.


Gain an introduction to the make-up artistry industry. You will develop the skills and knowledge required to gain employment as a Make-up Artistry Consultant in pharmacies, cosmetic counters, makeup houses and television, or to perform editorial and photographic makeup and hairstyling.