Foundation Studies

Foundation Studies

Study Options


For students who want to study at WITT, but do not meet the academic entry requirements, help, and often a second chance, is at hand. Entry level programmes run over 17 weeks and will prepare you for the next step. You will have the chance to map out what work you really want to do and to set targets to help you get there. The programmes will help you gain credits towards NCEA, and will also qualify you to progress to higher level study.

For many students the opportunity to learn what they missed out on in school, this time in a different environment, is the first key to success.


WITT’s Certificate in Skills for Livings is designed to assist people with special learning disabilities to develop personal, vocational and work skills that will assist them to function productively within the community and the employment sector.

Students will have an increased confidence and self-esteem and an understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses both in social and work environments.