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Education & Teaching

Education & Teaching


WITT provides a variety of options to up skill in the area of teaching and assessing adult learners.

The National Certificate in Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education is designed for teachers or trainers of adult learners.  The level of literacy and numeracy with your workplace or classroom determines how your learners receive and process what you are trying to teach them.  By increasing your learner’s level of comprehension, you will find that their level of understanding increases substantially! You will learn how to simply embed literacy and numeracy into your teaching delivery and reap the benefits of employees or learners who develop a greater level of understanding. 

Achievement in Workplace Assessing covers three courses, including workplace assessment, moderation of assessment and assessment design. These courses can also be completed as individual units.

You will need to be currently employed as an adult educator or have access to an appropriate learner group in order to demonstrate competence for these courses.

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