Short Courses

  • Level 6
  • 17 weeks
  • $722 per paper - Domestic student

Qualification overview

Industrial Relations – Understanding the changing ER environment in New Zealand

Places are still available for this 17-week course. This course is ideal for people working in an environment that requires them to have an up to date knowledge on industrial relations legislation and an understanding of the impact of such legislation on HR processes and practices.

Specifically, the course covers:

·         An overview of the employment relations landscape in NZ, including the history of ER in NZ
·         Understanding of the application of the ERA, including any revisions and amendments
·         The role of the ERC and mediation in ER issues
·         Collective approaches to employment relations
·         Nature and content of the employment agreement
·         Bargaining and conflict resolution skills and strategies
·         Dealing with personal grievances
·         Enforcement issues around employment agreements
·         Current issues in employment relations, including recent legislative changes and their impact

Classes are conducted on Friday 9.00 to 12.00 and are delivered by an experienced HR practitioner.

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Human Resources – Introduction to HR – including new approaches and a look at the new OHS legislation

Places are still available for this 17-week course. This is an introductory course suitable for people who are currently working in an HR environment and/or managers who would like an understanding of the processes and practices associated with managing human resources, from recruitment to performance management, with an emphasis on new approaches in a contemporary organisational setting.

Specifically, the course will include:

·         An introduction to how HR is managed in contemporary organisations
·         Developing job documentation and undertaking a job analysis
·         Recruitment and selection options and practices, including the use of online tools
·         Performance management approaches, including latest trends
·         Training needs analysis and effective employee training approaches
·         Various reward structures and how to apply them, including new trends in employee reward systems
·         Health and safety legislation with a focussed on the new legislation requirements

Classes are conducted on Mondays 10.00 to 12.00 and Wednesdays 9.00 to 11.00 (2 classes to attend per week) and are delivered by an experienced HR practitioner.

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Organisational Behaviour – Understanding people dynamics in an organisational setting

Places are still available for this 17-week course. This is a course that is suitable for those wanting insight into the psychology behind human behaviours in the workplace. It is a must for those people working in an HR environment and/or managers who are wanting to develop their people management skills with an emphasis on developing strong teams.

Specifically, this course will cover:

·         The sources of individual differences and perceptions in the workplace
·         Emotional intelligence
·         Predicting behaviours and applying strategies
·         Motivational theory
·         The psychological contract, trust and stress
·         Effective communication strategies
·         Power distance and authority issues
·         Conflict management and reconciliation
·         Concepts of empowerment, delegation and autonomy
·         Organisational behaviour and culture and climate
·         Approaches for changing organisational behaviours such as a deliberate induction and socialisation process
·         Addressing diversity, EEO and Treaty of Waitangi in organisational settings
·         Behaviour management techniques to address restructuring, merges, downsizing, redundancy and other change

Classes are conducted on Thursdays 2.00 to 5.00 and are delivered by an experienced industry trainer with a background in organisational behaviour and theory.

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