Wed 31 Mar 2021

WITT partners with Taranaki Rugby

WITT has partnered with Taranaki Rugby, in a move that will support a number of players to pursue their sporting career while also prioritising their education.

The partnership will see a number of scholarships granted to Taranaki Rugby players who are looking to further their tertiary education.

WITT Chief Executive Officer John Snook says the decision to back Taranaki Rugby was based on many strong synergies between the two organisations, both playing a key part in nurturing the next generation of our community.

“Like WITT, Taranaki Rugby is deeply rooted in the Taranaki community. We are really invested in supporting Taranaki people to be their best, so we saw this partnership with Taranaki Rugby as a real opportunity.

“WITT is all about providing our community with opportunities to learn and upskill. Our scholarships remove some of the financial barriers to study, allowing us to support emerging athletes to succeed in their academic and sporting pursuits.”

WITT students will also have the opportunity to complete industry projects with Taranaki Rugby as part of their studies.

Taranaki Rugby Chief Executive Officer Laurence Corlett was delighted to welcome WITT to its family of partners and was excited about a handful of Taranaki Rugby’s up and coming players being able to study on scholarships at WITT while chasing their rugby dream.

“It’s great to be partnering with WITT - locals supporting locals. It is invaluable for us to develop our people on and off the field and our relationship with WITT is a great example of holistic player development.”

Pictured (L-R): Scholarship recipient Kusitano Drauna, WITT CE John Snook, Taranaki Rugby CE Laurence Corlett, scholarship recipient Chloe Sampson.