Thu 28 May 2020

Student FAQs

FAQs for Alert Level 2

Q: When will I return to face-to-face classes on campus?

Most programmes will be back in the classroom from Monday 18 May, with extra health and safety measures in place to keep us all safe. We will be phasing our return to the classroom, so some will continue with remote learning for a little while longer.

If you have not already heard from your Tutor or School Administrator about when you should come back to campus, they’ll be in touch before Friday 15 May.

Q: Will there be any changes to my timetable?

There may be. Before proceeding to class, check your timetabled classroom as this may have changed. You tutor will be in touch if there are changes to class times.

Q: Are the Student Support team and other services available on campus?

Yes, most student services and support people will be available for you on campus from Monday 18 May. We will have physical distancing, extra cleaning, and contact tracing measures in place.

  • Te Whare Mātauranga (the Learning Resource Centre) and Library will be open usual term hours including evenings and Saturdays.
  • Computer Labs will be open for students.
  • Appointments with student support staff are available in person, or via phone or Zoom.
  • Both Garage Café and Te Kauta Café will be from Monday. Physical distancing markers are in place, and we’ll utilise the extra space in Impressions Restaurant to reduce congestion in Garage Cafe. Vending machines will not be available.
  • The Fitness Factory gym will be open from 6am on Monday with additional cleaning protocols in place and strict limits on how many people can enter.

Check out the 2020 Student Handbook if you need contact details for any of the services above.

Q: How can I keep myself safe when I return to WITT at Alert Level 2?

  1. Physical distancing.  For people you work or study with, where contact tracing and hygiene measures are in place, a 1 metre distance encouraged where possible. In common areas and public spaces where there is no contact tracing, maintain a 2 metre distance.
  2. Contact tracing.  Keep track of where you have been.  Your tutors will keep attendance records and we will have registers in common spaces like the library and computer labs. 
  3. Hygiene.  Remember to wash your hands frequently, or use hand sanitiser.  When washing hands, wash with soap and water for 20 seconds.
  4. Do not come to WITT if you are feeling sick.

Your tutor will advise you about any cleaning or precautions required for the use of shared equipment.

Q: Do I need to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as gloves and masks are not required or recommended by the Public Health Service as necessary in any educational facility, so you don’t need PPE if you didn’t use it before Covid-19.

There are only a few programmes where PPE is necessary. We’ll provide PPE for students if it is required. 

Q: What is WITT doing to ensure campus is safe?

  • Deep cleaned and sanitised our campuses.
  • Classroom layouts have been modified to maintain physical distancing.
  • Contact tracing measures have been put in place, ready to identify people in each ‘controlled learning space’.
  • Placed sanitiser at the entrance to all learning spaces, receptions, kitchenettes, common spaces and computer labs.
  • Signage and information of the COVID-19 protocols have been displayed at campus entrances, building entrances and in common areas. Acrylic screens have been installed where required.
  • Increased campus cleaning to include day time rotational cleaning focusing on high touch points. 

Q: What should I do if I am feeling unwell?

Stay home. As usual, contact your tutor to let them know you won’t be in class.

Any staff member or student who becomes unwell with respiratory symptoms while they are on campus must immediately go home, and call Healthline on 0800 358 5453.

Q: I have concerns about returning to campus because of a pre-existing medical condition, what should I do?

You should discuss any concerns with your GP and seek advice on what measures are appropriate for you. If the GP advises that you remain at home, let your tutor know straight away so that we can put a plan into place.

Q: Is public transport available to get to WITT?

Bus travel is free until 25 May, but timetables may be limited. The Taranaki Regional Council is working hard to release new bus timetables for next week onward. You can find information about travel under Level 2 here.

If you catch the Connector bus, you’ll now need to book for travel your travel online using the Connector booking system -

Q: What if I have questions about Covid-19?

You can read the most up to date information about COVID-19 on the Ministry of Health website here.

If you have queries related to your study please contact your tutor, or contact 0800 WITT NZ or


As we prepare to return to teaching on 28 April, we have put together an FAQ to answer your commonly asked questions.

Q: When will my course start again? 

Your tutor will contact you at least a week before your course is due to restart, so you know and can get ready. Most programmes will restart the week of 28 April, but some will not be able to be taught remotely or online. They will resume when we are back on campus.

Q. What does remote learning mean?

Remote learning is often referred to as online learning, but it could include other forms of learning, such as via phone.

This means that your tutors will be delivering instruction to you via Zoom meetings, videos and other methods, mostly through the Moodle or iQualify learning platforms. For example, they may be providing activities for you to work on individually or sometimes as a group. They may also set readings for you, along with questions for you to answer.

If you had not been using Moodle or iQualify prior to WITT closing, your tutor will let you know what they will be using.

Q. Will my timetable stay the same?

Not necessarily. Your tutor will communicate this to you. We have recommended that tutors follow normal time slots for any zoom meetings or sessions online. You will probably notice that you have less face-to-face time (via Zoom, for example) than you would have in your normal classes, but you will still be guided through your coursework.

Q: What’s the plan for how my course will run remotely? Will there be classes at a set time? How do I contact my tutor?

Every course is different. Your tutor will provide more information about how yours will run when they contact you to advise you that your programme is due to resume.

Q. Remote learning is completely new to me - am I going to be supported to study in this new way?

Our support teams will be available to support you to learn remotely. We know there will be some teething issues but we are here to work through these with you.  If you need help, make contact with your tutor, and if you need further IT support please contact our IT department by emailing

Q: What is the plan for the rest of our academic year? Will trimesters 2 and 3 still go ahead with the same dates?

Trimester 1 is being extended until 17 July to allow for the longer break that we are currently on. Trimester 2 will begin a week later than originally planned on 27 July.

Q: Will my programme still finish on the same date?

In most cases, one-trimester programmes will finish on 17 July. If you are enrolled in a full year programme, in most cases, you will still finish on 13 November.

Q: Will there be any impact on or changes to upcoming assessments? Will there be penalties for missed assignments?

We may need to change how upcoming assessments are delivered. There will not be any penalties for assignments missed while we have been on holiday. Due dates are being revised.

Q: I can’t participate in online study, either because I don’t have access to technology, or my family commitments don’t allow me to. What do I do?

We understand some of our learners won’t be able to participate as we restart teaching in an online format. If you are concerned, talk to your tutor or contact our support team on or 0800 WITT NZ. We can talk you through your options.

Q: What do I do if I have limited or no internet data?

Most internet providers have increased or removed the data cap on broadband plans for a set period of time in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Check with your provider for details.

Taranaki libraries are also working to help those without internet access to get a free modem and connection. To access the service, call NPDC libraries on 027 646 4745 between 9am and 5pm, seven days a week. If you're in Stratford, call 06 765 6099, and those in South Taranaki can call 0800 111 323.

Q: Why are we moving to study remotely instead of waiting until campus is open again?

The government has directed tertiary education providers to deliver education remotely where possible at Alert Level 4. We understand this is an exceptional time and realise that not all students will be able to participate due to things like family responsibilities or access to technology. We will work with you to put together a plan for your study.

Q. Will online learning affect my StudyLink payments?

You will continue to receive your weekly StudyLink payments if you remain enrolled. Staying enrolled also means you will be eligible for any additional support for students in the future. Find answers to all of your StudyLink questions on their website.

Q. Do I need to let StudyLink know about any changes to my programme dates?

WITT will send StudyLink your new Trimester 1 finish date (now 17 July) and also the new Trimester 2 start date (27 July), so they can update the study information of all students who have an active contract with them. In other words - you don't need to worry, we'll take care of that.

Q. Is there any other financial support available to me?

The Government has increased the amount of support available for domestic students through StudyLink. So if you’re enrolled in full-time study and under the age of 55, you will be able borrow up to $1,000 to help with your course-related costs this year.

If you need extra financial help during this time, you can find information about and apply for emergency assistance on the StudyLink website.

Q. I am an international student. Who can I talk to about the impacts Covid-19 has on my study or my visa?

The international team are here to support you. Contact or +64 27 356 9363 if you have any questions. For international students needing urgent pastoral support you can call our 24/7 line on +64 27 466 0412.