Thu 23 Jul 2020

Representing the student voice

WITT’s Student Leaders met on Tuesday for a leadership workshop focussing on communication, problem solving and active listening skills. They explored leadership styles and asked the question – ‘what makes a good leader?’.

The Leaders agreed on their purpose for the year; ‘Creating a better WITT by hearing the student voice’.

Student Leaders are a voice for the student body and also represent the student cohort on different boards and committees across WITT, such as the Academic Committee, Health and Safety Committee and Chaplaincy Board.

Director of Student Services Zanetta Hinton said Student Leaders represent all students.

“They are nominated by other students and are supported with coaching and leadership training,” she said.

“We have four in the group who were Student Leaders last year, which gives some nice continuity to WITT students. We also have some new faces this year, studying a range of different programmes from nursing to business and hospitality.”

Stephanie Nicholson is a returning Student Leader, now in her third year of the Bachelor of Nursing.

“I have been a Student Leader for two years and I’ve enjoyed the opportunities during this journey,” she said. “Supporting students to have their voice heard is why I have continued to be a Student Leader, it’s been both an honour and a privilege.”

Leroy Dockery said he put his hand up to be a Student Leader because he wanted to help others have the best experience at WITT.

“I want to contribute positively to toward the student experience,” he said. “And I’m looking forward to engaging with students about their experiences, and being part of the solution to their issues.”

WITT’s 2020 Student Leaders are:

  • Arielle Grindlay-Lambert
  • Reham Abuharbid
  • Yvram Rumapang
  • Stephanie Nicholson
  • Anthony Hume
  • Leroy Dockery
  • Stephanie McKenzie
  • Jeremy Johnston
  • Claudette Hitchcock

To contact the Student Leaders group, email