Tue 21 Jul 2020

New learners Get Study Ready

Students had the chance this week to Get Study Ready and familiarise themselves with WITT before their Trimester 2 programmes start. Organisers say it was one of the biggest sessions yet for a July start.

Get Study Ready is a one-day workshop designed to give students the skills they need to succeed at tertiary level. Offered each trimester, it covers a range of topics especially relevant to new learners like how to manage their time, plan assignment work and access online learning. They also learn how to apply for scholarships and find the right support while studying at WITT.

Librarian and Learning Advisor Bridget Knuckey said the large turnout was a sign that people are really thinking about their career paths this year.

“Some have had to retrain as Covid-19 has changed their circumstances; others are doing a programme of study they have wanted to do for a long time, and being able to access Zero Fees this trimester gave them the push they needed,” she said.

Bridget said the Get Study Ready programme is an important opportunity for students to connect with WITT and to help them to feel more prepared before they get started.

“It can be really overwhelming for a person who has never studied at a tertiary level before or has never succeeded in education to be on campus for the first time.

“There are many reasons why study can get overwhelming. Maybe school wasn’t a great experience, perhaps the person isn’t working now or has been employed and is now wanting a different direction, or maybe their children have grown up and now it is time to do something for themselves. Being able to meet the team that works to support and guide students through their learning journey as well as picking up some tips and tricks along the way is a great first step.”

Although the one-day workshop has already taken place for this trimester, Bridget said the support team is available right through from enrolment to graduation.

“We have amazing wrap-around supports available for every learner, from Studylink and scholarship advice to maths support, research and assignment guidance,” she said.

“Think of us as your cheerleaders – we here to help you through the tough times and to celebrate your successes too. There are heaps of free confidential services available that include a campus nurse, a doctor, and a counsellor. We are all passionate about making sure students get the support they need for a positive experience and successful learning journey.”

There will be extra workshops throughout August for referencing, database searching, assignment templates and more. Keep an eye on Facebook for details of the lunchtime workshops.