WITT WIDE Exhibition 2009

WITT WIDE exhibition 2009


WITT WIDE Exhibition celebrated the research and achievements of WITT academic and administrative staff since 2003. It showcased our Doctorate, Masters, awards finalists and winners, international exhibitors and publications from staff both academic and general.

When: 2009, Friday 5 June - Sunday 28 June

Where: Percy Thomson Gallery, Stratford


High Level Research and International Art Work on Exhibition

The biggest single exhibition of national and international research from the staff of Taranaki’s largest and most diverse tertiary provider, the Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki (WITT), was on show to the public at Stratford’s Percy Thompson Art Gallery during June.

The exhibition entitled ‘WITT Wide’ showcased the pinnacle of academic research with extracts from Doctorate and Masters degrees, art selected for international exhibition, award finalists and winners, books and journal publications by WITT staff.

The exhibition was unique in that it presented works from a diverse range of disciplines including Nursing and Humanities, Visual Arts, Education, Hairdressing, Catering, Digital Animation and Maori.

These works were primarily assigned to two thematic areas, the Wall of Knowledge and the Wall of Distinction. The Wall of Knowledge is composed of abstracts from Masters Degree and Doctoral theses. It included the ephemera of study ­such as an examiners copy of a doctoral submission, posters and pamphlets from talks.

The Wall of Distinction consisted of works that had been selected for international exhibition and awards. Both themes were supplemented by posters, video, audio and other documentation.
Creative Technology tutor Ian Clothier, with the support of WITT staff, devised the exhibition to showcase the huge amount of research produced by WITT staff that the public do not ordinarily get the chance to see or hear first hand. One aim of the exhibition was to expose some of the hidden, mysterious elements surrounding research.
WITT staff have looked at subjects including staff perceptions of roles in the current education era, digital drawing systems, hybrid culture, transforming the everyday, Taranaki health service provision, tangata whenua approaches to care of the sick, study skill provision in Polytechnics and chef training between 1980 and 2000.
“WITT staff have completed and are currently working on high level research, participated in national and international activity, exhibited around the world and have been published in renowned publications and journals. An interesting aspect is that it is not just the academics ­ we have talented administrative staff as well” says Mr. Clothier.

WITT Wide ran from Friday 5 June until Sunday 28 June 2009 at Stratford’s Percy Thompson Gallery.