'Making History' - ISEA 2009

History was made at ISEA (Inter-Society for the  Electronic Arts) in Belfast, Ireland, by participants in the project 'Making History'.

The public was invited to participate by going to Making History, reviewing the information and then voting for one of four nominated dates.

Each nominated date was a selected moment of unity from Irish history. The most voted for date was to be incorporated into the history of internet micronation, the District of Leistavia.

The four dates were:


  • 1 November 190BCE Samhain Festival
  • 21 April 1006 Brian Boru, Easter
  • 10 August 1976 Start of Peace People
  • 12 March 2009 Call to wear Purple for Peace

For more information about the dates, go to the website. The winning date was announced at 6.15pm, 29 August 2009, at Golden Thread Gallery in Belfast, Ireland.

Voters did not need to be Irish or live in Ireland as the Leistavian constitution voted for in 2004, dictates that cultural borders are open. However, the information was tracked to find out whether there was any difference between the voting of the Irish and that of the international community.

This project was supported by Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki, ISEA 2009, Golden Thread Gallery, Sign Design NZ, Syntax Solutions and intercreate.org.