Fri 24 May 2019

Youth Week on song

Organiser say Youth Week celebrations at WITT were a huge success and featured some outstanding emerging Taranaki talent.

The events at WITT were organised in conjunction with ZEAL.

The newly refurbished WITT Café, Te Kauta, was a great space and students flocked into the café to watch and listen this week.

“We even had students dancing outside,” organiser and Youth Guarantee Coordinator Joanah Phillips said.

Monday featured four rappers -  Swarve and A-Star,  Lucas and Datez, Tuesday saw the arrival of the Marfell Misfitz dance crew and then Angel and Maddie singing and Thursday featured artist Brodie supported by Sam.

The students were treated to a free BBQ and tutor Adrian Moose doubled as the WITT DJ.

“We also had a post it note board that students wrote and posted on around the Youth Week theme,  we are more than you see,” said Joanah.

“My favourite for the week is “I’ve got a dream that’s worth more than my sleep” which was from a student working to fulfil her dream of becoming a chef.”


Caption: Angel and Brodie were star performers at WITT this week.