Wed 18 Mar 2015

Will You Be Our Next Student Ambassador?


Student ambassadors play a key role in promoting WITT in the community.

Marketing team member Nicole Goble is in no doubt of the value of students acting as ambassadors for the institution.

There’s now an opening for some more students to act as ambassadors, and earn some money while they’re at it!”

“It’s all very well for me, and others, to extol the virtues of WITT but let’s face it, nothing beats hearing first-hand stories from students who are actually studying here,’’ she says.

“Frequently we talk to high school students who are thinking about studying at WITT and we have found that it’s good to have someone of their age group talking to them about their own experiences.”

 Nicole says the students also assist with organising promotional events. There are the big ones, such as Open Day, Graduation, Orientation, CONNECT15, and the Taranaki Training and Careers Expo, but there are many other lower-profile events which the student ambassadors have a role to play. These include school visits, taster days, and helping out around campus in various departments.

 “The list is endless,’’ says Nicole. “There are no set times or days for the student ambassadors, who incidentally get paid an hourly rate for performing their roles. It’s great for students who are studying.’’

As so often is the case, there are also spin-off benefits for those students who become ambassadors.

“Each year they have to undergo the generic job process to become a student ambassador and this is good practice for future employment opportunities.

“Obviously we can only take a very small number from the many who apply. In recent years, prospective employers have contacted us because we have acted as referees for some student ambassadors and that’s helped them get a job. ‘’

Nicole says some ambassadors enjoy the role so much they continue to act in that role for a number of years, right throughout their study, which can last three years or more.

So if you want to become a student ambassador, applications close on Friday March 27th, so you’ll need to be quick!