Tue 8 Nov 2016

When Deb met Michael

Celebrity chef Michael Van de Elzen enjoys going the extra mile when he does his celebrity chef work.

He was in Taranaki last weekend, as the Saturday night attraction at New Plymouth’s TSB Showplace, part of the Powerco Taranaki Garden Spectacular.

His assistant was WITT student Debashree Hazarika, who has been studying cookery and will graduate in December.

She was highly impressed with Van de Elzen.

“I assumed being a celebrity he would be a little distant – but he was really down to earth. He was very funny and interacted with the audience and spent extra time outside his schedule to answer questions,” she said.

Van de Elzen is well known for fronting TVNZ’s The Food Truck, where he recreated traditional New Zealand meals with a healthier twist, Family Recipes, where he put his spin on a favourite meal and most recently as the food host of the lifestyle show Kiwi Living, which screens on Friday nights.

Debashree came from New Delhi to study at WITT after learning about the polytech on line.

She is already working at the Black Harp in New Plymouth and says her time at WITT has been excellent.

“I really love it here, I couldn’t have asked for a better place – the tutors are really interested in seeing you push yourself,” she said.

The Garden Festival ran from October 28 to November 6.


Photo: Michael Van de Elzen with WITT’s Debashree Hazarika.