Fri 12 Jul 2019

We're building the WITT team

There’s never been a more exciting time to work at WITT. With a renewed focus on the future and a transforming sector, there are some positive changes at WITT that mean we’ve got space for more exceptional people to join the team.

From academic and support staff to School directors, WITT Chief Executive John Snook says WITT is looking for dedicated people who want to help WITT to build bright futures for students. “The quality of our people is critical to our success,” he says. “We are seeking exceptional people that are ready to innovate and help us shape the future of study and work.”

Following the recently announced refresh and establishment of four Schools, WITT’s seeking dynamic candidates to join the team in leadership positions. Applications are open for the roles of Deputy Chief Executive (a role which includes leadership of the School  - Māori Enterprise, Business & Technology); Director, School - Nursing, Health & Wellness; Director,  School - Engineering, Energy & Infrastructure; and Director,  School - Trade Training, Primary & Creative Industries.

“These four Schools will require growth, development and direction from outstanding leaders,” Mr Snook says. “The changes we’re making at a leadership level are preparing WITT for the Government’s Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE) as well as the future needs of Taranaki. Our job is to add to the productivity of the individual learner and of the region.”

The loss of BJ Hetet in February this year continues to be felt, and his position has proven a difficult one to fill. WITT Kaiārahi Ken Taiapa expected two people would eventually be needed to take on the range of roles BJ held and applications are now open for the Kaiako Pakihi (Business Academic Staff Member) role.

“In this role we’re looking for someone with mana,” Mr Snook says. “The person must hold a business-related bachelor’s degree, have expertise in knowledge transfer, and excellent communication skills including te reo Māori. They’ve got to have a strong knowledge of local tikanga and kawa, and most importantly the ability to walk in both worlds.”

Positions are also available for academic staff members in nursing and mechanical engineering, with a focus on people who will support, guide and motivate students in the course of their studies.

Mr Snook says that as a workplace, WITT has a lot to offer in return. “WITT provides a supportive and collaborative work environment, great professional development opportunities and the chance for you to make a difference in the Taranaki community.”

If you’re looking for an opportunity to make a difference, check out what’s on offer here. WITT’s ready for the future, are you?