Thu 12 Jul 2018

Welcome to the second part of our Student Leaders profiles.

Kim Sothern
Kimmy has been at WITT for a little over a year and is taking a Foundation Skills course. The keen netball follower has a goal to work in the mental health field and she has joined the student leaders group because she wants to help “in any way I can”.

Kimmy says she would like to see a better smokers hut for WITT.


Nathan Lankey-Teohaere
Nathan put his name forward as a student leader “to give something a shot”.

And as a keen football follower, that’s something he always enjoys doing. New Plymouth born Nathan first enrolled at WITT in 2014 and is presently aiming to pick up credits as he studies towards a New Zealand Certificate in Foundation Skills. Nathan’s ultimate goal is to own an automotive workshop.


Sally Bruce
Sally is in her second year of a Bachelor of Nursing course and says she has become a student leader to be part of the positive changes she is seeing at WITT.

She would like to see some of the older books in the WITT library updated, a bigger printing budget for students and more beautification work on the WITT grounds.

 New Plymouth-born Sally enjoys hiking (and has a goal of getting to the summit of Mt Taranaki) yoga, swimming – and coffee.

Her aim is to become a registered nurse.