Mon 29 Jun 2015

Want a job in healthcare?

WITT has a new healthcare course starting next semester and it’s bound to be in demand.

The term Healthcare Assistant is not one many people would be familiar with, but think of it as the more commonly known caregiver and you’re on the right track.

WITT’s head of nursing Diana Fergusson explains what’s involved. “It is a New Zealand qualification, level three. It’s hot off the press in that it’s standardised across the country.

“It has just been approved by NZQA, and lasts 19 weeks, slightly longer than one semester because it’s 70 credits.

“The programme is for those caregivers who would like to work in either a hospital or in a rest home. In the rest home they are usually called caregivers, but the qualification refers to Healthcare Assistants.’’

 Diana says the programme is open to anyone who would like to apply. “At the moment you can only do the course if you are already employed in a rest home, in which case they put you on the Careerforce (The Industry Training Organisation) qualification, or if you are on a social services benefit. In that case Feats, another industry training provider based at WITT, run the same course.

“But if you don’t fit either of those criteria, you are welcome to enrol in our course which starts on July 20.

“It’s a good option, and we work together with Feats because we are all aware that we need a lot more healthcare assistants.’’

Diana says the age care industry  is growing at a rapid rate and there is a real need  for more  healthcare assistants to support that group.

“Industry is very excited about this qualification and it means they are highly supportive of the course  and the programme itself.

“They’re very keen to have students placements and that gives them the opportunity to see the students at work in their own teams.’’


Anyone interested in enrolling in the course can contact WITT or contact Diana directly.

“If anyone needs any help with the qualification process, we’re only too happy to help them.’’

Applications are available online and an information pack is also available.

The course is held Monday to Friday and is fulltime. It will also include clinical practice, says Diana.

And of course students will know they have the luxury of learning their craft  under the watchful eyes of the best nursing school in the country.

“We can certainly use a lot of the expertise and skill we’ve developed into this new nursing programme for  healthcare assistants  as well,’’ says Diana.